An Isaiah 54 Ministry

"Where Faith Only Comprehends Unseen Solutions"

The History of FOCUS Outreach Ministries, Inc.

In 2008, after seeing someone from outside the four walls hurt within. God gave D. R. Hunter a vision for an organization that would direct mankind's faith toward God.

On August 31, 2008, FOCUS (Faith Only Comprehends Unseen Solutions) Outreach Ministries, Inc. was birthed. It was at that time, D. R. Hunter appointed his wife, Colinda Hunter to be the Co-Founder of the organization.

 The oganization grew tremendously as well as spiritually. People from various walks of life, similar to the one of D. R. Hunter's past, began to dedicate and rededicate their hearts to the Lord. On August 30, 2009, exactly one year after its inception, Leader's D. R. and Colinda Hunter were officially installed as the Founder's of FOCUS by David C. Council.

As the organization and the live's of the people it impacted began to grow and mature, the ministries in FOCUS began to emerge. The Leadership and Volunteer staff grew, the Intercessors took their rightful places, Community Outreach, Weekly Prayer/Bible classes for both children and adults was launched and continues to this date. Since then an audio/visual ministry has been implemented to share the vision through the means of DVD, CD as well as social media.

FOCUS continues to have special outings for the community, sponsored from within and the patrons of various organization such as B J's, Pepperidge Farms and many other.  Annually held along with NEW BEGINNING'S Early Learning Center we participate in our amazing Community Outreach Day. Together we feed and clothe those in need as well as create a safe environment for kids to enjoy without fear of be hurt within their own neighborhood, thanks to the help of our local officials. Together FOCUS and NEW BEGINNINGS empower men through our Men’s Dress for Success Program. FOCUS by the leadership of Colinda Hunter also has organize one of this regions highly anticipated Women’s Conference which has been held annually since 2009. Through the leadership of D. R. Hunter, FOCUS have lunch it's twelve steps program focusing on men becoming better father's in the live of their children. FOCUS is involved in many other outreach activities, such as WALK BY FAITH. This program implemented by Taurean Minnifield is designed to help through exercise and proper dieting achieve one's mental and physical goals.

All while continuously striving to meet the needs of families in communities both spiritually and financially.

God continues to favor FOCUS and the organization continues to grow through the impact it has in the lives of those it touch! We are forever grateful for the Grace and Favor God has bestowed upon the ministry. We as an united body of believers are continuing to break the barriers of stigmatism's place on people, always looking forward to implementing the vision of the organization (Directing Mankind’s Faith Toward GOD).

God has declared the organization of FOCUS. to be “An Isaiah 54 ministry”. We declare that we are a Organization of OUTREACH, DELIVERANCE, HEALING FAITH AND LOVE, through Biblical Principles which foundation is established By The Word of GOD. 

We are a ministry that truly understands: That Faith Only Comprehends Unseen Solutions.


​​​F.O.C.U.S. Outreach Ministries, Inc.